Coltsfoot, Coltsfoot, Coltsfoot, Coltsfoot, Coltsfoot, Coltsfoot.....

Ever get messages from the universe you cannot deny? Coltsfoot, an herb I knew little about dropped into my consciousness one morning, a voice outside of me saying “coltsfoot”. It repeated that one word over and over again until I literally yelled “OK!!!” Out loud and wrote it down. That was a few months ago. Now we have this tincture in the store. 😊 Someday I’ll tell you about Elecampane and Helichrysum - also Herbs i hadn’t worked with and received messages about. This has never happened before this year but it’s been delightful. Feeling like a I’ve reached the next level of being a medicine woman ❤️. By the way, Coltsfoot is a  lung tonic so it’s no wonder the universe wants this around during these times! Coltsfoot is a great remedy for debilitated individuals with chronic respiratory conditions. It is Indicated for asthma and emphysema and can decrease the time for the bronchial cilia to recover damage from smoking. It also increases immune resistance and acts as a natural antihistamine.


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