Welcome to Aum Herbs!  This store is a long time in the making - but we are finally here and so happy to be serving the needs of those seeking good health through natural remedies.  The owner of Aum Herbs, Jen Padgett is an advocate for Human Kindness, Before starting Aum Herbs, she worked on issues surrounding homelessness & poverty. Jen’s personal motto is: "If You Can Dream it, You Can Do it!" This phrase embodies all that Jen does in her business and personal endeavors. Jen has spent the last four years tincturing herbs and learning about herbal remedies.  She became drawn to natural and herbal remedies after western medicine failed her efforts to resolve a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia-free for several years now, she is steadfast in learning, working and teaching all there is to know about plant medicine and natural remedies, and sharing this with others  



  • Congratulations!

    Kirk Hoey
  • I love the elderberry syrup you sent me. My nose stopped running immediately! And the Gitty up and go-go honey is the best for soothing my throat and giving me a little pick me up through the day. Love , love and love! Congratulations on your shop!

    Trish Hoey
  • Hi Kate & Shawn – So sorry for the delay in responding! We are still learning shopify and didn’t realize we had comments. Shawn -thanks for your comments on our Hormones in Balance Tincture – glad you love it like we do! Kate – You may wish to try our Anti -Inflammatory Tincture. You may also wish to try making a tincture with an herb called Devil’s Claw. We do not have this in stock yet, but should in the next month.

    Jen Padgett
  • I’m very excited about this shop, I meet Jen in Arizona and she helped me find an herbal supplement for hormonal balance. I have tried a few things that made me crazy or jittery and this supplement has given me a normal life, my husband and kids agree!

  • Hi,
    I suffer from trigger fingers in both hands. At 63 I have at least 4+ years I must continue working. I am on the computer at least 6 hours a day. I hope to continue to garden sand craft after retirement.The only thing I have found helps is wearing fingerless arthritis gloves. I have tried a few over the counter lotions that have no effect. I look forward to speaking with you. Feel free to call or text 408-515-6363

    Kate Stevenson

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