What's up with my weight?

I usually refrain from talking about weight because I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs over the years and I believe that as a society we focus too much on weight and less on what we really should focus on: good health. 


I’ve had a number of people ask me if I have something for weight loss.  I’d like to say that there is a magic bullet - but as many who have suffered from trying to keep weight off (or on!), there are a thousand different approaches, and very little really works, especially long term.  When I focus on my health above all else - that is when I find that I have the best results. 


Those of us who live locally have had several shots of adrenaline to the system over the course of the last month.  Add that to the Covid stressors and a number of other things going on in the world (RIP RBG!) and it’s no wonder our systems are going haywire.   Our bodies are getting all sorts of messages all geared toward keeping us alive (fear and survival responses, anyone?)


This is a time to give ourselves lots of grace.  Adding more stress to our plates by giving ourselves a hard time is not going to help the scale move up or down.  A major survival response our bodies do for us is to keep weight on - the body is smart enough to know something fearful is going on and starvation could be one of them.  If we aren’t starving from calorie deprivation, we likely are from nutritional value calories, and starving for peaceful times and starving for touch (Thanks Covid!)  And if you are having trouble keeping weight on - your body is likely thinking, “Hey, I might have to run - I need to be skinny for that”!


Along with good herbal support - we must try as much as we can to be good to ourselves.  I know I’ve had the extra glass of wine or two as I’ve coped with all that has been 2020.  A lot of restrictions make exercising or meeting up with friends difficult.  Getting bodywork or even a pedicure seems nearly impossible.  Comfort foods from childhood have been too much of a staple in my play book lately.


We’ve all awaited normalcy, and maybe that is when we can get back on track.  It’s hard to grapple with this idea, but it looks like we are in a whole new ball game, and some things won’t go back to the way they once were.  It’s up to us to discover and implement a new normal for ourselves. 


What I’ve begun to do to support my health is to start taking herbal supplements that aid my nervous and digestive system.  Ashwagandha and Lemon Balm are go to’s along with digestive bitters. I’m also keeping up with the immune building practices - as these will be important for months to come.  My brain and spirit have been all over the place, so I’m giving myself lots of kindness and room to just be where I’m at.  Some days I’m raring to go; others, I need to rest and to feel my feelings - ha!  I try to do something every day - even if it’s only a few minutes of meditation, mantra practice or making a healthier food choice.  I love taking baths and am moving back into that practice. 


If you find yourself without focus and just plain lacking the energy to think about health - start with a few minutes here or there.  If you can put your supplements near your fridge or toothbrush - it may help you remember to take them. Just a few minutes in bed after you wake up to focus on breath can be super helpful to start your day off in a good direction. A nightly bath or cup of tea ritual can do wonders.  Moving your focus to your health will be the key to surviving these times and shifts in weight.  We may not know what’s around the next corner - so treat yourself well.  How will love and care show up in your life today?  It’s all we got, so make the most of it!!

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