Golden Cacao Elixir
Golden Cacao Elixir
Golden Cacao Elixir

Golden Cacao Elixir

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Golden Cacao Elixir 

Cacao offers us a deep healing + remembrance ceremony into our heart space. Cacao is a super food high in magnesium + iron two very important things when we are looking to soothe the symptoms of PMS - and menstrual cramping 

In this elixir you will also find an ayurvedic herb blend with amalaki, haritaki, bibhitaki, shatavari root. These herbs help to soothe the digestive system + help to balance hormones.

adaptogens help to regulate the body’s stress levels, aid in restful sleep, and when in the luteal phase of the moon cycle can help to uplift your mood and support your bodies transition into the bleeding phase of the cycle. We have added chaga + ashwagandha to this blend. 

Turmeric, Ginger + cinnamon are all powerful plants in that they are scientifically proven to have anti inflammatory effects on the body. During the luteal phase when PMS systems can include bloating and discomfort 

8 oz jar approximately - 25 servings 


How to make 

  • warm 2 cups your favorite milk/or milk substitute 
  • add 2 tablespoons of the golden cacao elixir powder 
  • blend until smooth 
  • add honey if you like 

This elixir can be enjoyed at any phase of the cycle but is intended for the luteal + bleeding phases when you body is calling for more nutrients 


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