Adaptogenic Oil Cleanser

Adaptogenic Oil Cleanser

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Adaptogenic Oil Cleanser 

Gotu Kola + Chaga 


Autumn is in the air  and with this change of seasons comes the need to gently adapt the ways in which you are caring for your skin. With the presence of autumn comes cooler weather and wind spells. This can result in the experience of your skin feeling rather dry, dehydrated, and in some cases chapped. The ancient practice of oil cleansing the skin is a supportive practice that you can begin to incorporate into your skincare rituals at home in order to soothe dry skin woes. 


Adaptogenic herbs are like superfoods for the skin. We have formulated this blend with the help of licensed holistic estheticians to insure that the herbals we use are in alignment with all skin types. 

The oil cleansing method also known as “OCM” is a centuries old skin cleansing modality that has been practiced all across the globe. In addition to deeply cleansing the skin, there is a number of benefits associated with oil cleansing. Many cleansers on the market are extremely astringent as well as drying which strips the skins barrier and in turn weakens its defenses. Through opting to cleanse with oil you nourish and preserve your skins natural barrier which allows the skin to maintain its hydration levels and carry out its protective duties. The oils found within oil cleansers also act as a magnet to effectively remove makeup, dirt, and debris from the skin in a very supportive fashion. Lastly, oil cleansing nourishes the skin through its moisturizing actions and the absence of drying ingredients.


All Organic Ingredients 

  • Red clover, lemon balm, comfrey, lemon verbena, borage, sage, purple cornflower, marshmallow root, elderberry, camu camu, chaga, frankincense, jasmine tea, blue valerian, chamomile, cacao, safflower oil, sunflower oil



Please enjoy our simple oil cleansing guide below.

Step 1: Begin with a dry face as well as hands and dispense three to four pumps into your hand.

Step 2: Gently massage the oil cleanser into your skin focusing on any areas of congestion or tension in the face. 

Step 3: Once self facial massage is complete, run warm over your wash cloth and gently compress into the skin. 

Step 4: Apply warm compress to the skin at least two times to fully remove the oil cleanser. 

Step 5: Follow with hydrosol and Phoenix facial oil to complete the experience.