Begin Anew Flower Essence Tincture

Begin Anew Flower Essence Tincture

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Begin Anew

Hand Crafted by Iz Wyrd.  Each product crafted by Iz are small batch and with herbs she hand selects and wild crafts or raises in in her own garden. Iz is a talented sound healer and a certified herbalist who teaches at Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe Arizona.  Limited Quantities available, so scoop yours up now!
About Begin Anew:

“I am grounded in the present moment, ready to forge ahead with
vitality & strength. As I am reborn into the now, I expand my vision
of healing & inner abilities to get things done with ease.”
Ingredients: Gem Essence of Red Jasper, Local Organic Castor Tree Essence
(flower, seed, leaf), Purified Water, Brandy, Vegetable Glycerin & Love
Dosage: shake gently prior to each use / 2-3 sprays directly into mouth
3-4 times per day or as needed for emotional, energetic & mental support / take
until bottle is gone / store away from direct heat or light / keep away from


Created on: a New Moon in Capricorn / Winter Solstice 12/21/14 in Tempe, AZ
Indications: For projects that are stagnant & need to be moved forward or
when a threshold point is met & new projects are ready to be brought into
manifestation. For when the Light is ready to rise from the Darkness, armed
with new ideas coming deep from the Earth. When support is needed to tackle
any obstacle & a pragmatic approach is required. Great for problem-solving
self-healing, increasing self-reliance & independence to get the job done!
Used for sluggishness, lethargy, inactivity. Brings vitality to the mind & body.
Clears toxic, stagnant, stuck energy. Helps expand one’s vision of healing &
discover the many mystical secrets of our spiritual nature in tune with the
physical plane. Gently stimulates the base chakra & rectifies unjust situations.
Supports bringing problems to light before they become too big & provides
insights into the most difficult situations. Assists in rebirthing, strengthening

boundaries, increases stamina & offers spiritual grounding.