Burdock Tincture

Burdock Tincture

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Latin name: Arctium Lappa

Burdock is a bitter herb used for skin conditions and general liver problems. Burdock stimulatesbile function and strengthens the liver. It helps with indigestion and clearing upacne and other skin irritations. Burdock leaves may be applied as a poultice to infected sores. A strong decoction of the rooy can be used in baths or itching. Burdock helps to stabilize mast cells, which reduces allergic reations.

WARNINGS:  no known warnings

Energetics: Cooling, Moistening, and Nourishing

Properties:  Alterative(blood purifier), anti-cancer, bitter, cholagogue, diuretic, hepatic, lymphatic, and mast cell stabilizer.

Sources: Bulk Herb Store, Frontier Herbs, San Francisco Herb Company, Starwest Botanicals,Stony Mountain Botanicals


Dosage:  .02-1 tsp 3 times daily


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