Ear Candle 9"

Ear Candle 9"

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Ear Candles, Beeswax 9"AND Parafin Wax (Vegan)

These beeswax ear candles are made from 100% pure beeswax.
  • Contain no oils, fragrances, or additives.
  • Crafted completely by hand and only 100% muslin cotton fabric is used to make them.
  • Beeswax ear candles have a nice aroma before and during burning.

Ear candling (also called "coning") has been a traditional, holistic, natural practice used for centuries. It consists of placing a hollow cylinder coated with wax (ear candle) at the opening of the ear canal and lighting the other end to allow warm smoke to enter the ear to potentially loosen and extract the wax and other debris from the ear canal


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