Full Moon Relieving Salve
Full Moon Relieving Salve
Full Moon Relieving Salve
Full Moon Relieving Salve
Full Moon Relieving Salve

Full Moon Relieving Salve

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Full moon relieving salve

Inner winter ~ Bleeding Phase ~ The Wise Woman ~ Moontime

This salve was made specifically for women during their moon time. During time of bleeding this is your time to reflect inwards and take deep care of yourself and your womb. During this time in your cycle you may experience discomfort in your uterus, back, and neck this salve is a beautiful synergy of herbs that have been chosen for this salve are highly effective at relieving menstrual cramps, back & neck pain.

Alexis Lauren, Santa Cruz, CA: “I have tried many hemp creams and salves and while I have found a few really good ones, NOTHING compares to the one Akasha Apothecary makes. It is literally like a pain eraser. I have been using it for joint pain in my fingers, wrists and elbows and it is pure magic. I put it on and the pain literally evaporates...for hours, sometimes the whole day. I've also been using it to help heal my torn meniscus and I feel confident it is speeding the healing time and definitely helping me manage the pain in the meantime. A side note, I had a tiny, tiny wart on the outside of my pointer finger and after about a month of using my hands to apply this salve to my body, the wart just disappeared after almost 2 years!! Crazy!!!”

To use this salve you can use on womb, breasts, back, and neck. I find it extremely beneficial to use 2 - 3 times a day. 

Meet the Mak(h)er 

Alissa ~ owner of Akasha Apothecary ~ has a deep love and passion for plants and herbal skincare. Wildcrafting herbs, crafting plant medicines, helping others are some of her favorite things to do. She is deeply passionate about everyone having access to safe holistic products that are made with intention and loving hands.


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