Handmade Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Eye Pillow

Lavender Eye Pillow

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Handmade Lavender Eye Pillows

Release some tension with these lavender eye pillows. These are handmade with love and shaped into hearts with soft cotton. Place a heart over each eye.


Rice with Lavender
These are filled with lavender rice and lavender. Heat or cool the pillow and rest over eyes and enjoy the relaxing fragrant of lavender and reduce-eye puffing.

Lavender Only
This Lavender Eye Pillow is much lighter and has a stronger lavender fragrance because the filling is nothing but lavender. This option is most beneficial if you do not need to heat or cool the pad and would like the benefits of the aromatherapy from the lavender.

Patterns vary. If there is a particular pattern you would like from the picture, please leave your request in the order notes on the checkout page. One will be chosen at random if no pattern is declared at checkout