Herbal Heating /Cooling pad, tea, tea strainer, eye pillow and herbal bath
Herbal Heating pad, tea, tea strainer, eye pillow and herbal bath
Herbal bath - eco friendly packing materials.  bath bag included
the packing material is an herbal bath. bathbag included. eco friendly

Pamper & Relax Gift Box

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Our pamper and relax gift box ~ One of the best parts? The packing materials can be used in an herbal bath AND the What's in the Box Description is Wildflower paper that you can plant, water, & watch grow!

Re-useable bath bag included. Also included: Large Rice and Lavender Heating pad, Lavender hearts eye pillow, our signature blend tea and tea ball strainer.

What's Included:

Large Heating/Cooling Pad: Made with Organic Lavender, Rice, it is hand painted and sewed, and is large enough to drape across your shoulders or soothe your lower back.  Just heat in the oven or microwave for 30- 45 minutes of heat - or put it in the freezer if you need cold therapy.

Lavender heart eye pillow: You will not find these unique heart shaped eye pillows anywhere else.  The shape allows a great fit over the eyes, and the lavender scent is so so relaxing!

Aum's Body System Support and Relax Signature Tea: Ashwagandha, Echinacea, Raspberry Leaf, Licorice Root, Chrysanthemum, Kava Kave, Stevia Leaf

Tea Ball Strainer: Hinge clamp handle - squeeze to open, fill with tea and put it in hot water

Herbal Bath (Packing Material): oatstraw, lemongrass, calendula & rose flowers.  makes 4 - 6 baths.  Scoop some up and put it in the bath bag.

Reusable Bath Bag:  Made of cotton muslin, fill with herbal bath herbs and re-use this as many times as you like. Once the herbs are in, use the draw string to close, and toss it in the bath!

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