Sea Buckthorne Berries organic

Sea Buckthorne Berries organic

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Latin Name: Hippophae rhamnoides
Common Names: Sea Buckthorn Berries

Starwest offers premium organic Sea Buckthorn Berries in a whole berry form. Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries have been certified as organic by Quality Assurance International. These dried berries are also certified kosher. Starwest offers a one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed for all of the products we sell.

Sea Buckthorn Berries come from the Hippophae rhamnoides plant. As its common name implies, the plant does bear thorns on its stiff, dense branches, and can grow to the size of a tree or shrub. It produces yellow spring flowers and orange autumn berries.

Sea Buckthorn Berries are commonly used to generally improve health. They also contain good amounts of vitamins A, C and E. Juice from the berries has also been used in the preparation of cosmetics